On this article, we are talking about flutter. In case you are not aware, flutter is a tech designed by Google and is recently being launched.

Flutter is an amazing tech as mentioned on their website and flutter is a mobile SDK meant for designing high performance and high fidelity mobile apps for iOS and Android using a single code base.

I know this sounds a little bit jargon. So let me try to break down all of these things to understand everybody.

What is Flutter?

First and foremost, we need to talk about what flutter actually is and what flutter is not.

Most of the bloggers are saying that flutter is the googles to reply to Facebook. I would disagree on this point.

Not completely but on a little bit. Flutter is not at all at reply for Facebook’s react native. It’s a little bit different and the main difference is that it doesn’t use any of the tech stacks which is most popular on the Internet.

React native uses HTML CSS and JavaScript. Not exactly HTML and It’s a JSX but it’s moreover dependent on the JSX. While the flutter is not like that and it says “We are focused on a single codebase” and this single codebase is going to produce ios and android app. 

They are not saying that are using popular languages like JavaScript or swift or maybe other languages like C++ or even Java.

They are saying we are coming up with our own language known as a dart. Not their own language exactly but it’s not so popular either as well.

I downloaded some of the flutter built that they have given on the Github, run them and try to little bit tweaking about those codes.

As well I found that dart is not so hard and it’s relatively easy but still finding people who already know dart is going to be a little bit challenging.

The biggest selling point of this flutter take two things,

  1. high-performance app
  2. hot reloading

Now obviously, we can point out here that Google is aware of the miracle that Facebook has created about their app can be reloaded.

Now just bringing up your attention to the point that dart, this whole flutter thing and as well as react native things for business solutions. 

For example, if I took up the apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime or maybe Amazon, they are already a stable business and they need their iOS and Android app.

Now flutter and react native gives kind of a business solution to these companies. These companies would like to hire a single team that they can have a single codebase and can manage their iOS & Android app.

It reduces down the cost quite a lot, as well as managing of the team and the code base is much easier.

Obviously, now a lot of technologies are looking forward to recreating their apps for Android and iOS using these technologies. 

Hot-reloading is an amazing thing which is available in react native as well as in flutter. You just save the app and just like you do on the web, you just hit a refresh. Then your code gets refreshed.

Just imagine that Facebook SDK would be so humongous if it would have been designed in just Android and you hit a recompile. So many things need to be recompiled and it would take probably days to recompile those apps.

So obviously hot-reloading is a tech which is kind of a necessity when your application or your product goes likeFacebook. So let’s talk about this Dart. what is this Dart?

What is Dart?

Dart is a programming language that is being used by flutter. It’s relatively a kind of an unknown programming language for most of the people. In fact for me too. 

It was really new and I never heard about the dart. I just came to know about it through the googles conference which they kept for the flutter and I tried to tweak into a little bit of the code downloaded off from the GitHub given by the Google guys at flutter.

I checked it out and I found it relatively easy as I told early. Eventually, people are going to learn it. It is pretty comfortable and I don’t think there is a steep learning curve for it. 

It’s rather easy but I would be a little bit on to a downside with the selection of the stack here because they could have done a little bit better job in selecting the stack. They are making a point that dart is really fast and using of C++ base engine.

So it’s relatively fast but again the point is that a lot of people are already in the market who knows the dart. So I will wait for some time whether this tech is growing or not. Because the selection of the stack is a little bit picky here.

Coming back on to the point that how easy is a dart. yes! If you are familiar with JavaScript or Java or you have programmed in probably in any other language, you will find really comfortable with the dart. Dart also uses a lot of CSS part as well so you’ll find a really comfortable.

If you are good in front-end tech especially in the CSS, you’ll find really comfortable here. Of course, the base focus is somehow using HTML and CSS for making their UIs.

Now one thing that I like about flutter is that it already comes up with a built-in Cupertino as well as material design. Whether you are moving for the completely iOS experience or Android experience, that is going to be relatively easy and you don’t have to use third-party anything that we like to use in react native.

Also, I would like to mention that the flutter team is a little bit behind the schedule of launching the flutter because I think they could have launched it a little bit earlier or at least when react native was taking their popularity.

Already, react native is so much popular and flutter is going to have a really tough competition in making the market space or taking the market space as compared to react native.

Already so many libraries and apps are using it and Facebook showed it really a bold move by converting their Instagram and all these apps already into react native. They showed that they can handle all the tropics and performance issues already there.

Flutter is being used inside the firewall which is really an issue because Google is a big company but it is nowhere near about the traffic that is getting by on a real-world app.

So I would really like to see some of the apps by Adsense or some kind of these apps being designed in a flutter and showing in the market