If you have been paying attention to both tech industry & mobile app development company as of late, you may have heard of Apple cutting production orders. For all the new iPhones as they aren’t selling as well as expected.

Apple shares have been going down and Microsoft actually passed them in market value. Although that could and probably will change at some point but still considering how well Apple has historically done especially with iPhones. You got wonderful, what’s happening here and is this downward trend going to continue?

Today I am asking the question why iPhones are not selling as expected?

Now for the record, people are still behind iPhones. While Apple isn’t making record sales, they’re still doing extremely well and are probably outselling most, if not all other flagships.

As well as that smartphone sales in general right now are on the decline. Not just with Apple, just by the general narrative at the moment.

However, Apple is indeed feeling a hit with them lowering production of both the iPhone 10s and 10R. And also It sounds like they might be bringing 2017’s iPhone 10 back at least to select markets. And if so, why? Is this year’s model that much of a failure?

There are a few reasons for the so-called poor sales when it comes to iPhones.

Firstly, most people are on a two-year cycle with phones. They’ll sign a contract and then upgrade in a couple of years.

The iPhone 10 last year was a huge upgrade and as such a lot of people jumped on board. Thus committing to the phone until 2019 or 2020. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a defense or an excuse at all. But it is a factor.

More people jumped on the iPhone10 and then say the iPhone 7. So it would make sense if fewer people are ready to make the upgrade to the 10s.

The releases of the new iPhones have probably confused people too. In last September, the new iPhone came out and then a month later,  another iPhone came out. If you’re not knowledgeable and tagged that would be pretty confusing and rightly so.

Apple should have released the 10 s and the 10 R at the same time. Because they released the worst model in a month after the best model.

The iPhone 10 did have to be delayed last year but it actually worked out pretty well. Because it waited almost two months to come out after the iPhone 8 and was also a significant and noticeable upgrade.

Unlike the 10R, which is actually a downgrade but with a lower price tag.

One of the most important things to remember here is that the average buyer of any smartphone really doesn’t know what they’re buying.

So if you confuse the consumer in any way, as they’ve done with the 10R, then you’re gonna cause some problems that said the iPhone 10R apparently is the best-selling iPhone right now.

As people have begun to adjust, so take that as you will. Give it a few months and people will start to get used to the idea of multiple iPhone options and I’m guessing, there will be a pretty big increase in sales.

But even in the short term Apple kind of shot themselves in the foot or at least the toe, considering iPhones are still selling really well as they always do. When talking about Apple and apparent poor sales, it is important to note that saying poor is relative.

Apple is the industry leader for a reason and is not selling basically every other flagship out there but still if this downward trend is going to continue again, you got a wonder is this going to be the start of the downfall of Apple?  

No! it’s not and if you think, it is then having fun. Apple is going to be just fine.